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The following compounds are available via this tool: F75 (Unit Pack) AMS7276 (AS3208, AS3209) & M83248/1, QPL Listed: 75 Durometer Black Fluorocarbon F90 (Unit Pack) AMS7259 (AS3581) & M83248/2, QPL Listed: 90 Durometer Black Fluorocarbon F19 (Unit Pack) M83485/1 (AMS-R-83485): 75 Durometer Black Fluorocarbon (GLT®Type) F91 ($250.00 Minimum) AS43003, AS43013 (DTD 5613A, Grade 80), SBAC QPL Listed, Rolls Royce Spec F40 (Unit Pack) 75 Durometer Brown non-Mil/AMS Fluorocarbon F139 ($500.00 Minimum) AMS7379 75 duro FKM -40 TR-10 G04 ($100.00 Minimum) AMS-R-25988 Cl1 Gr 60 (M25988/3), Boeing Approved: 60 Durometer Blue Fluorosilicone G16 (Unit Pack) AMS-R-25988 Cl1 Gr 70 (M25988/1), Boeing Approved: 70 Durometer Blue Fluorosilicone G20 ($100.00 Minimum) AMS7273 (AS9966, AS9967): 75 Durometer Blue Fluorosilicone G21 ($100.00 Minimum) AMS-R-25988 Cl3 Gr 75 (M25988/2): 75 Durometer Blue Fluorosilicone G88 ($100.00 Minimum) AMS-R-25988 Cl1 Gr 80 (M25988/4), Boeing Approved: 80 Durometer Blue Fluorosilicone L35 (Unit Pack) AMS7267, AMS3304 (AS9385, AS9386, AS3582 ): 70 Durometer Red Silicone (FDA Compliant) M31 (Unit Pack) MIL-P-25732 (MS28775); 70 Durometer Black Low Temperature Nitrile P03 ($500.00 Minimum) AMS7257, High temperature, 75 Durometer black perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) P04 ($500.00 Minimum) High temperature, 75 Durometer off-White perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) P05 ($500.00 Minimum) High temperature, 90 Durometer black perfluoroelastomer...


            Lead-Times PLEASE NOTE:  THE CHECK STOCK INFORMATION FOR ON-HAND AND WIP MATERIALS IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. THE STOCK NUMBERS LISTED HERE ARE NOT ACCURATE AND SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR ORDERING PURPOSES. PLEASE CALL YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE WITH ANY QUESTIONS. Same Day In stock, order received by 12PM Eastern Time Next Day In stock, order received after 12PM Eastern Time Three (3) weeks or less Zero on hand with WIP (work-in-process); all P03, P04 and P05 Orders Eight (8) weeks or less Zero on hand, no WIP ** Please call for special situations/needs – 800/225-8505 or 508/998-4031 ** The specifications on our website are the most current and are what we manufacture our AMS/MIL spec o-rings and seals to. If your PO references an older, superseded specification, the most current specification will apply. When placing an order with Precix for a standard size AMS/MIL Spec O-Ring, we will be manufacturing to AS568 (REV D) until further notice. All pricing listed is per unit pack or bulk. AS2817 (single ring packaging) is available upon request. Special pricing/lead time will apply. If a size populates with $0 price, please contact your Sales and Marketing Representative. Thank...
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