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* Be sure to ask for Precix (formerly Acushnet Rubber Company) products and compounds by name. Thank you for your interest in our compounds and products.

      U.S. and Europe, Asia, Middle East Headquarters Location

      PRECIX USA Contact

      Precix® United States

      744 Belleville Avenue
      New Bedford, MA 02745 USA
      Tel 800-225-8505
      Tel 508-998-4000
      Fax 508-998-4100

      Precix® Europe, Asia, Middle East

      Precix® Europe, Asia, Middle East
      Olaf Timm
      Precix® Europe
      BWD-Automotive GmbH
      Schnackenburgallee 47-51
      22525 Hamburg, Germany
      Tel +49 (0) 40 89 05 92 0
      Fax +49 (0) 40 89 05 92 33
      Email: otimm@precixinc.com

      Please note!!! As of 9/30/2017, this website will no longer accept orders. We've recently upgraded our ERP system and will be rolling out a new ordering portal soon. IMPORTANT: Information regarding on-hand quantities is no longer being updated! Please call your customer service representative at 800-225-8505 for this information.