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Ease of Assembly

Precix has developed a full range of washes, dry lubes and coatings to speed your O-ring/Seal assembly time while addressing your need to be cost competitive. These graphs illustrate the insertion force and coefficient of friction data with Precix O-rings treated with different washes/assembly aides.

As you can see the proprietary Precix Velix® I & II washes gives the user the best of both worlds: low insertion force and coefficient of friction for ease of assembly without the mess and expense of mineral oil and/or PTFE coating. Velix I and II are ultra low-cost coating options that will increase your assembly speed while addressing your need for cost control/reduction.

If the ultimate in slippery is what is required consider our Velix III option, which has a coefficient of friction value similar to PTFE without the associated cracking, flaking and mess. Velix III is a permanent clear coating that is perfect for applications where frequent opening/closing is the norm, such as oil caps and gas cap seals.

All Velix treatments are non-flaking, environmentally friendly treatments applied during the washing of the product. MSDS and other technical information is available directly from Precix Engineering personnel.

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