Permeation Resistance

Regulations are getting tougher – not only must automobiles not pollute via the exhaust, they must not allow fuel vapors to permeate through seals and gaskets. Through seal permeation resistance is and will be an important consideration going forward. Precix®’s F86 GF-based High-Fluorine Fluorocarbon offers the best permeation resistance in the industry today.

F86 Relative Permeation of Elastomers

Material Permeation Units* SAE J200/ASTM D2000 Designation
F86 (GF® Based Type)33HK715A1-10B37B38C12EF31EO78Z
Z1 = DURO 75 +/-5
GFLT® Type FKM14  
Fluorocarbon (FKM)36 
FKM /FVMQ Blend275 
Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)635 

* Lower permeation value is better

Relative Permeation test ASTM D814:
Gasoline/Methanol (85/15%) @ Room Temperature

Permeation units = (grams * mm)*(M2 * 24hrs) where:
¨ (grams * mm) = grams going through an mm test slab
¨ (M2 * 24hrs) = square meters for a day
“# of grams through an ‘X’ thick slab measured in a square meter for one day”

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