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The typical process to make a Precix o-ring and/or custom seal is extensive (a full 11 steps warehouse to warehouse) and each operation is core and critical to the end-function of the part. Since 2009 we have spent more than $12M to update and modernize our equipment for we understand and support that continuous improvement is not a destination, it truly is a journey. Also, what was good enough before is not good enough now as we have moved from measuring parts per million to parts per billion.

A quick view of our process is shown below.


Precix mixes 1+ million pounds of elastomer on two state-of-the-art tilt mixers. Keeping mixing in house means complete traceability from the very start of the elastomer food chain.


From skanes for stand load to ID/OD preps for larger parts, our four extrusion lines ensure top quality prep.


110+ steam driven molding machines.


$1.5M spent on a state-of-the-art, climate controlled room along with 10+ new deflash machines.


All parts are washed to a 1 Micron level of cleanliness.


The largest installed base of digital inspection equipment is found at Precix in New Bedford, MA.

Nearly 50,000,000 parts per week are inspected and validated in this state-of-the-art room.

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