This is a sampling of the many applications where Precix does bring sealing value. Please contact us regarding any application questions, issues, etc. you may have.


    From cars to class 8 trucks, from snowmobiles to aircraft, if it transports people or freight, chances are Precix® has designed, engineered and manufactured many of its vital systems components. Precix® compounds provide dynamic and static seals through a limitless range of pressures and temperatures.

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    • ISO9001:2000
    • ISO14001
    • ISO17025


    • Quick-Connects
    • standard connects
    • fuel injectors
    • fuel rails
    • fuel tank
    • fuel pump
    • rollover valves
    • fuel sensors
    • fuel level sensors
    • fuel pressure sensors

    • relief valves
    • fuel filters
    • Wheel Cylinder
    • Master Cylinder
    • ABS Seals
    • Recuperating Seals
    • gas caps
    • oil pumps
    • oil pressure sensors
    • crankcase inlet seals
    • electrical wiring harnesses
    • HVAC system
    • emmission control system
    • alternative fuel system seals
    • Transmission/Transfer Case


    Precix® is a certified AS9100 and AS7115 supplier with ISO/IEC ISO17025:1999 Material Laboratory certification and is a major provider of tight specification components for the demanding environments of both aerospace and defense applications. Major air carriers rely on Precix® components for consistent performance in demanding applications. As a recognized AS7115 certified manufacturer of aerospace seals you can count on Precix for your PMA needs. Our trained Chemists and Design Engineers are on call to help you with your o-ring and custom-molded PMA products. You can send us your inquiry by clicking here – please include a print, specification(s) along with estimated annual usages. Learn more about: Submit Inquiry | MIL/AMS compounds | Certifications | PMA Inquiry | More on AS43013 (Rolls Royce Spec)

    Sealing Applications

    Landing Gear Assembly Sealing

    • Hydraulics
    • Wheel & Brake
    • Actuator

    Flight Control Sealing

    • Hydraulics
    • Fuel pump, controls, lines, connectors
    • Auxiliary Power Units (APU) Seals

    Engine Sealing

    • Hydraulics
    • Fuel lines, connectors
    • Lubrication


    Precix® sealing solutions are designed and manufactured to enable you to run longer in more aggressive environments for longer periods of time. Precix offers compounds to handle explosive decompression (ED), electrostatic charge buildup/dissipation (ESD) as well as high abrasion environments (urethane and HNBR seals and o-rings). Precix offers many UL listed compounds for applications requiring this approval. Learn more about: PerfluoroelastomerSubmit Inquiry | Certifications | UL Recognized | UL 1703 Listing



    Oil and Gas

    • Well service products
    • Valve seals and inserts (fracturing)
    • Oil field pumps (fracturing)
    • Drill bit seals
    • Valve seals
    • Mechanical Seals

    Wind Turbines

    • Blades
    • Gearbox
    • Generator

    UL Listed compounds to seal

    • Controllers
    • DC to AC Inverters
    • Miscellaneous connections


    Precix® sealing solutions are found in applications where aggressive chemicals and temperature extremes are the norm. ARC components provide consistent performance in demanding applications where failure is not an option.

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    • centrifugal pumps
    • positive displacement pumps
    • metering pumps
    • diaphragm pumps
    • hybrid pumps
    • filter elements and housings
    • mechanical seals
    • valves
    • sensors
    • instrumentation
    • air operated vents
    • connectors: hard plumbed and Quick Connects

    Permeation A Problem?

    Precix’s F86 ‘GF®’ type FKM material has the lowest thru-seal permeation numbers (as measured via ASTM E93-53T) in the industry.


    More than a manufacturer of world-class products, Precix offers a full line of services that enable optimal product and process design through to production. Seamless integration into your business is what Precix strives for. From challenge to solution the Precix way.

    Take a look at our partial list of what Precix does and can do for you and your organization. Contact us and let us help you.

    • Custom part marking (painting)
    • Custom compounding and mixing
    • Special packaging (single ring to AMS2817E, pillow pack, other)
    • Engineering consultations
    • Non-linear finite element analysis (FEA)
    • QuickRings(TM) (10 business day rapid prototype tooling and products)
    • Advanced Product Quality Planning (AP/QP) process
    • On-site tooling construction and maintenance
    • Pre-Kaizen events
    • Production Kaizen events to support continuous improvement programs
    • Customer-driven PULL systems that enable next day delivery
    • Kitting and packaging via our Master Distributor network
    • Assembly and ability to deliver complete system rather than a single component
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