Gland Recommendations
     Use standard AS568B dash size o-ring
    Select Units:   Metric   English  
    Gland width:
    Gland tolerance:
    Gland diameter:
    Gland diameter tolerance:
    Piston diameter:
    Piston diameter tolerance:
    Bore diameter:
    Bore diameter tolerance:
    O-Ring cross section:
    O-Ring cross section tolerance:
    O-Ring inner diameter:
    O-Ring inner diameter tolerance:
    Select/View Standard O-Ring Cross Sections and Inner Diameters
    Problems or Questions? Contact Precix Product Engineering
    % Stretch - - -0 - 5 %
    % Cross section reduction - - -N/A
    Reduced cross section - - -N/A
    Percent squeeze - - -10 - 35%
    Percent fill - - -Max 90%
    Gland diametral clearance - - - 
    Note: All dimensions entered above must be either Metric or English. They cannot be mixed.
    Note: For operating pressures over 1500 P.S.I., call Engineering for assistance.

    The gland design recommendations presented above are based upon data that you have provided and are based upon design criteria and standards as outlined by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association (RMA) and per design standard AS568B. As always, multiple pre-production testing should be invoked to prove out any assembly issues or potential failure modes before production start-up. Precix does not have design control for the complete assembly the o-ring goes into and Precix shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages that arise from the use of any produce or this software.

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