Perfluoroelastomer – (Commonly searched for as per-fluoroelastomer, perfloroelastomer, perfluroelastomer, AMS7257, AMS 7257, AMS-7257.) Designed for very demanding sealing applications in aggressive chemical and high heat environments. Resistant to attack by nearly all chemical reagents including organic and inorganic acids, alkalines, ketones, esters, alcohols, fuels and hot waters. Used primarily by the chemical processing, aerospace and semiconductor industries.

    Perfluorocarbon – (Commonly searched for as FFKM, Kalrez® or Chemraz – AMS7257, AMS 7257, AMS-7257.) Very high temperature service applications, superior permeation resistance, extreme chemical resistance.

    Fluorocarbon – (Commonly searched for as FKM, Viton General use grades, Viton® B, Viton® GB/GBL, Viton® GLT®, Viton® GFLT®, Viton® Extreme™, AS3581, AS 3581, AS-3581, AMS7259, AMS 7259, AMS-7259, AMS7276, AMS 7276, AMS-7276, AS3208, AS 3208, AS-3208, AS3209, AS 3209, AS-3209, MS9970, MS-9970, MS 9970, AS3085, AS-3085, AS 3085, AS3084, AS-3084, AS 3084, M83248/1 M 83248/1, M-83248/1, AMS-R-83485, AMS R 83485, M83485/1, M 83485/1 M-83485/1, TFEP/FKM, FKME, FKM/FVMQ, AS43003, AS 43003, AS-43003, AS43013, AS 43013, AS-43013, DTD 5613A, DTD-5613A, DTD5613A, AMS7259, AMS-7259, AMS 7259, M83248/2, M 83248/2, M-83248/2, AMS3581, AMS 3581, AMS-3581, MS9387, MS-9387, MS 9387, MS9970, MS-9970, MS 9970.) – the highest performance material available. High temperature performance is unmatched by any other polymer family as is their fluid resistance.

    Fluorosilicone – (Commonly searched for as FVMQ, AMS/MIL (AMS7273, M25988/1,2,3,4 – Boeing Approved ,AMS-R-25988, AMS R 25988, AMSR25988, M25988/3, M 25988/3, M-25988/3, AMS7273, AMS 7273, AMS-7273, AS9966, AS 9966, AS-9966, AS9967, AS 9967, AS-9967, M25988/4. M 25988/4, MS-25988/4, MS9966, MS 9966, MS-9966, MS9967, MS-9967, MS 9967) – Specialty elastomer takes the strong properties of silicone rubber elastomers and adds fuel resistance. Outstanding low temperature flexibility, extremely good fuel and oil resistance, Gasohol resistant.

    Silicone – (Commonly searched for as VMQ, AMS3303, AMS 3303, AMS-3303, AMS7267, AMS 7267, AMS-7267, AMS3304, AMS 3304, AMS-3304, MS9385, MS 9385, MS-9385, MS9386, MS-9386, MS 9386, AS9386, AS-9386, AS 9386, AS3582, AS-3582, AS 3582) – Silicone elastomers represent a large family of higher performance, higher cost materials. Large operating temperature range, best low temperature capability of all elastomers, strong high temperature performance. Good oil resistance and available in a variety of colors. Used in automotive, health care and electrical applications.

    Highly Saturated Nitrile – (Commonly searched for as HSN/HNBR, Hydrogenated Nitrile. MS28775, MS-28775, MS-28775, AMS-P-25732, AMSP25732, AMS P 25732, AS28775, AS 28775, AS-28775, MIL-P-25732, MILP25732, MIL P 23732) – Relatively new family of elastomers represent an improvement in high temperature capability over nitrile family of elastomers. More stable and used in the automotive industry for fuel, oil and other applications.

    Ethylene Propylene – (Commonly searched for as EPDM, NSF61 approved.) – General purpose materials with excellent weathering characteristics for outdoor applications. Strong resistance to water an steam, good resistance to most acids and alkalines.

    Neoprene – (Commonly searched for as Chloroprene.) – Neoprene elastomers have very moderate heat and fuel resistance. Found in applications in which weathering and flame resistance is needed.

    VAMAC® – (Commonly searched for as Ethylene/Acrylic, AEM, Vamac®.) – Good oil resistance with high temperature resistance and strong low temperature capability. Damping capability useful in dynamic applications.

    Fluorocarbon/Fluorosilicone Blend – (Commonly searched for as FKM/FVMQ.) – UL approved with good fuel resistance, tougher than FVMQ with conductive version available.

    O-rings – (Commonly searched for as elastomer rings, seal rings, O-Rings, o-rings, orings, AS568, AS 568, AS-568.) Perform in complex and critical function in endless applications for virtually all industries. Precix o-ring perform complex and critical functions in virtually all industries.

    Seals – (Commonly searched for as seal rings, Seals, Seal Rings, O-Rings, o-rings, ORings, O-rings, AS871, AS 871, AS-871.) Counter effects of chemical attack, friction, pressure and temperature while maintaining the integrity of the system of which they are components.

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